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"Message to May Day Events"

Recorded 05-1-09

1) 1:47 Message to May Day Events MP3

May Day -- for the Many!
[speech writ. 4/30/09]  (c)  '09 Mumia Abu-Jamal

    Ona Move! LLJA!

    As May Day is celebrated by some, others focus on the minor notes played by immigrants, and the song they sing is one of anger, hatred and division.

    But that's because they're being played by the corporate media, and the corporate-driven state, and the siren's song of nationalism.

    May Day should be a day of workers celebration; but what's there to celebrate today? Joblessness? Foreclosures? Homelessness?

    May Day would be a day of celebration if workers organized across national borders.  Imagine if the UAW (United Auto Workers) joined not only with auto workers in Canada, but in Mexico as well. Wouldn't it be more powerful today, than it is?

    But the crippling of unions can be traced to the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) pact, pushed and sold under Bill Clinton, a base betrayal of millions who voted for him from labor, to serve corporate greed.

    NAFTA shipped manufacturing jobs to places where labor was cheaper, like Mexico.  It also opened up Mexican markets to U.S. businesses, thus driving these markets out of business, and fueling the immigration north for millions of Mexicans seeking jobs.

    When labor organizes globally, it protects jobs globally.

    NAFTA globalized capital -- why not globalize unionized labor?

    Until this happens, workers will continue to lose jobs -- and social power!

Ona Move!  LLJA!

Thank you!

--(c) '09 maj


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