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"Ghosts of Vietnam"

Recorded 11-29-09

1) 2:37 Ghosts of Vietnam MP3

Ghosts of Vietnam
[col. writ. 11/29/09]  (c) '09 Mumia Abu-Jamal

    If early news accounts are correct, President Barack Obama will send over 30,000 new troops into Afghanistan, to support and defend one of the most corrupt governments on earth.

    He will do so, in part, because, during the last U.S. presidential election, liberals, while opposing the ruinous and disastrous Iraq war, painted the Afghanistan was as 'the good war' -- perhaps because it was seen as winnable.

    But there is another reason.

    Wars fought overseas are real life metaphors for political wars fought here at home.

    Wars abroad are ultimately about domestic politics -- about the struggle for political supremacy in America.

    "War," the old adage goes, "is the sport of kings."

    In the U.S., war has become the sport of political parties.  She or he who sounds the most hawkish; who shows political 'toughness' (with other people's children) will tend to prevail in the elections.

    Afghanistan is thus a prop in a great play -- of little importance in and of itself, but of great symbolic value in the long wars between right and left in the American body politic.

    It matters not one whit what Americans want, nor what party they belong to.  American political parties are bought -and-paid for tools of great corporate and private wealth.  (If you question this assertion, notice what happens when a pol leaves office.  They are swept up into the arms of big corporations, where they finally join the class they've served.)

    Thus we see the spectacle of people voting for ostensibly anti-war candidates, who, once in office, bow to more war, more weapons and more troops.

    War is never about what politicians say war is about.

    Afghanistan is no more about terrorism than Iraq was about weapons of mass destruction (WMO's)

    Today, Britain is about to launch a rare parliamentary "Enquiry" into how it got into the Iraq war.  Isn't it remarkable that they can ask questions after the war --but not before?

    Of course, they did so in fealty to their big brother (the U.S.) for the basest of reasons--for politics, and for profits.

--(c) '09 maj

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