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Mumia Abu-Jamal'sRadio Broadcasts

Mumia Abu-Jamal is an award-winning journalist who chronicles the human condition. He has been a resident of Pennsylvania’s death row for twenty-nine years. Writing from his solitary confinement cell his essays have reached a worldwide audience. His books "Live From Death Row", "Death Blossoms", "All Things Censored", “Faith of Our Fathers”, “We Want Freedom”, and the recently released “Jailhouse Lawyers” have sold hundreds of thousands of copies and been translated into nine languages. His 1982-murder trial and subsequent conviction have been the subject of great debate.

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12-09-11 Free Speech Radio News Interview: Christina Swarns, Mumia Defense Team
12-07-11 Press Release and WURD Interview with Mumia
11-27-11 Tahrir Square Part 2
11-27-11 Beyond Penn State
11-20-11 Whom Do They Represent?
11-13-11 From State Pens To Penn State
11-11-11 Joe Frazier: 1944 - 2011
11-09-11 The Managers Of Money
11-06-11 What Do They Want?
10-30-11 The Life Of John Carlos... Who?
10-30-11 Abdus Salam Karim's (brother of Sidique Abdullah Hasan) message for thier Mother's Memorial
10-26-11 Block Report Interview With Mumia
10-24-11 Interruptus In Iraq
10-23-11 Block Report Interview With Johanna Fernandez
10-23-11 Passing Through To The Territory
10-23-11 Tea Parties And Protests
10-16-11 Sylvia Robinson: Rap's Mamma Passes
10-09-11 Lydia Barashango Presente!
10-09-11 The Occupation
10-02-11 Rape Blocks
9-25-11 Troy Davis: Movement Lessons
9-18-11 Palestine At The U.N.: Nationhood
9-14-11 The World Weeps
9-14-11 Why Jobs Bill Ain't Enough
9-8-11 A Message From Martina Correia, Troy Davis' Sister
9-4-11 911 Plus 10
8-31-11 Nick Ashford 1941-2011
8-28-11 Who's King?
8-21-11 With Leaders Like These
8-21-11 What 'Jobs' Really Means
8-19-11 Message to GRC 2011
8-14-11 London Afire
8-7-11 A Grand Bargain... For Surrender
8-3-11 National Debts
8-3-11 Mubarak In The Dock
7-27-11 Against Japan's Nuclear Dangers
7-24-11 Amy Winehouse: 1983-2011
7-17-11 Dying For Sunlight (Pelican Bay Hunger Strike)
7-17-11 When Media Is Master
7-10-11 The Media And The Medea Complex
7-8-11 Teachers: On The Frontlines Of Class War
7-3-11 To Our Friends in Venezuela
6-29-11 Good Night, Afghanistan
6-19-11 Drugs And Taxes
6-19-11 Wars And Revolutions
6-12-11 Mad In The Middle East
6-5-11 Geronimo, Born Elmer G. Pratt, Returns To His Ancestors
6-1-11 Gil Scott Heron: Radical Poet 1949-2011
6-1-11 Neo-Neocolonialism?
5-22-11 Echoes Of Empire
5-22-11 American 'Corrections'
5-15-11 From Kent To Kal-El
5-15-11 The Spoils Of War
5-8-11 The Lesson Fron The Osama Hit
5-4-11 What Osama's Killing Means
5-1-11 The Fate Of Kings
4-24-11 The Method Of Their Madness
4-20-11 Manning's Malcolm... And Ours
4-17-11 Racial Imprisonment (text only)
4-10-11 The War That Never Ended
4-10-11 Message For Anti-War Rallies
4-6-11 Did You Vote For This?
4-6-11 Interview With Mumia (text only)
4-1-11 Reading Fanon
3-27-11 The Enemies We Don't Know
3-20-11 And Like That, Blink, A New War
3-20-11 Two Panthers Die
3-13-11 Japanese Winter
3-9-11 Teachers Baaad
3-6-11 What The Arab Rebellions Mean
3-6-11 Bombing His Own People?
3-2-11 Message For Jack Heyman, ILWU
2-27-11 Revolutions To Come
2-20-11 Cracks In The Empire
2-13-11 Cointelpros Then And Now
2-13-11 Egypt: A Good Beginning
2-9-11 The Set Up Or The Sell Out
2-4-11 Allies Of Empire?
1-30-11 When Puppets Fall?
1-30-11 The Wikileaks Effect
1-30-11 Mumia's Address To The Rosa Luxemburg Conference
1-23-11 Jay-Z: The Roots Of Rap
1-16-11 Cities For Sale
1-12-11 When 'Nut' Ain't Enough
1-9-11 Bullets Or Bucks
1-5-11 Campaign To End The Death Penalty Interview With Mumia
1-2-11 War Crimes And Wikileaks


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