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When German’s Call You Hitler

mp3: 1.66 MBs, 2:04

[Col. Writ. 11/9/02]

Have you ever wondered what politicians really think of each other? Think of the last time you saw two politicians, say Bush and Russia’s Putin, grinning like Cheshire cats at a press conference. Do you think they really care about each other? Politicians are like actors for corporate and class interests, it ain’t personal it is political. When German parliamentary elections were held recently the social democratic’s party’s Gerhard Schröder vocally opposed the Bush war in Iraq and handily got re-elected.

The SPD’s justice minister Herta Däubler-Gmelin raised hackles on both sides of the Atlantic when she reportedly told metal workers quote “Bush wants to divert attention from his domestic problems. It is a classic tactic, it is one that Hitler also used”.
Unquote. Official Washington and the corporate press had a conniption fit “Hitler”; the SPD quickly removed Frau Däubler-Gmelin from her post. But one wonders who knows Hitler or his tactics better than the German’s? Aren’t they uniquely qualified to make that determination? The German’s don’t buy all of the American platter about ‘oh bringing freedom, democracy, and McDonalds’s quarter pounders with cheese to Iraq.’

German’s know that the 1929 great depression fueled the rise of Hitler’s Nazi party. With the German economy in the dumps, Hitler launched a racist campaign against Jews, Gypsies, and Slavs. German annexed Austria and invaded Czechoslovakia and
Poland, making it appear as if the German’s liberated these lands. In other words Hitler wanted to divert attention from his domestic problems. Ask yourself would Bush rather address the sad state of the U.S. economy, the business scandals, or Iraq?

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Submitted by: Sis. Marpessa

[Recorded 11/9/02]
Copyright 2002 Mumia Abu-Jamal