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Democracy of One

mp3: 2.5 MBs,5:23

[Col. Recorded 11/22/02]

"We are a dictatorship of one; you might as well call him King George -- We
are no longer a democracy." -- Scott Ritter, former UN Weapons Inspector
(11/11/02) (Speaking at Univ. of Md., College Park, Md.)

There is a feeling of the inevitable about the looming war in Iraq. There is a sinking feeling that the War will come, come hell or high water, no matter what the majority
of Americans may think or feel. It is the Will of the Elite. It is the Will of the Powerful. It is the Will of the Wealthy. It isn't the Will of 'the People.' For, it is a truism that in this alleged democracy, the people don't matter. Does it matter that perhaps 90% of the letters flowing into congressional mailrooms oppose the War in Iraq? Does it matter that the basis for the War is false and misleading? Does it matter that a War on
Iraq, even if arguably successful, will throw the entire area into a maelstrom of Middle Eastern instability? 'Public Opinion' is largely manufactured by the media elites, who are but echo chambers of the White House and defense industries on the New York stock exchange. In this alleged democracy, why is it even questionable that the Commander-in-Chief should abide by the people's will, rather than the people should obey the government? What kind of democracy is this? The late Dr. Huey P. Newton,
co-founder of the Black Panther Party, a brilliant thinker, pointed to an invisible elite which controls U.S. foreign policy in the People's name, but in their owninterests.Writing in 1974, Newton described them as "a group wieldingpredominant power in the American polity." They care not one whit for American ideals arguesNewton, for they "impose [their] own interpretation of the American tradition onto the framework of policy making in the state." Newton reasons this group, which he describes as "expansionist" and "militaristic" explains the paradox at the heart of U.S. foreign policy, which states one thing, yet does another. [See "The Huey Newton Reader," 7 Stories Press, 2002, p. 297.] Bush, with his business degree, is attuned to that class; he, indeed, dances to their tune. In 1974, Newton tagged the culprits as "the giant corporations and financial institutions that dominate the Americaneconomy," [297] which at that time were some 500 corporations, a small grouping of which held the "highest concentration" of economic power known to history. They exist still, just
more powerful today than ever. The War in Iraq isn't a war for democracy; it's a war for Raytheon, for Boeing, for Lockheed-Martin, for Exxon, for Haarken Oil, and for British Petroleum. It won't make the World 'safe for democracy' - it won't even make the world safe! Copyright 2002 Mumia Abu-Jamal

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Submitted by: Sis. Marpess


Copyright 2002 Mumia Abu-Jamal