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Another Regan - Another America

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[Col. Recorded 6/6/04]

"For God's sake, let us sit upon the ground, And tell sad stories of the death of kings:..." — William Shakespeare "Richard II"

The recent passage of the 40th US President, Ronald Wilson Reagan into eternity has sparked a media frenzy, as well as a ruling class attempt at historical revisionism
that repositions him as a virtual reincarnation of Lincoln. Lincoln was cast as the Great Emancipator; Reagan, the Great Communicator.

There are many, however, both within and without the US, who have a far different view of the Reagan years. They saw behind the actor to the scriptwriters, who often
toiled in the shadows of Wall Street, and who supported the former California Governor, from his earliest days when he began to betray his class. Reagan's ascension
to the presidency came after a career of an FBI snitch, when, as head of the Screen Actors Guild, he named names to the nefarious J. Edgar Hoover, of those suspected of being 'Reds.' His political career was built upon this foundation of betrayal, of the class he was born into, his fellow workers in Hollywood, his former political party, and of those 'fellow Americans' who had the misfortune of being born without silver spoons in their mouths.

As California Governor he supported a vicious war against the Black Panther Party, and the entire Black Liberation Movement, to curry favor with the core of his political support, white nationalists. He sparked the deepening of the poisonous prison industrial complex that continues to ricochet across America.

His allegiance to Wall Street, and his antipathy against poor and working class Americans, can best be seen in the e