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Of Idjit's and Empire

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[Col. Recorded 4/30/04]

As I scribble these words, dark plumes of smoke roll upwards to the heavens over Fallujah, deadly incense to the grim sacrifices earned by war and occupation.

Some may suggest that the term, 'occupation', is one preferred by this writer, because of his political persuasions. That is so, but according to recently released polls taken
from throughout the breadth of Iraq, the vast majority of Iraqis feel that the continued American presence is an "occupation", not a 'liberation.' And a simple majority
simply want the US occupiers to leave.

What the Bush Regime has succeeded in doing, is something that truly seemed unthinkable just months ago — it has succeeded in uniting Sunni and Shi'a, bridging the gap that has stood for generations.

Recent reports from the area quote Iraqis who now see beyond their tribes, and even their faith communities, to fight against the foreigners. A 32-year-old government
clerk named Sabah Saddam drove one of a convoy of supply trucks into the besieged town of Fallujah, and remarked, "Sunni, Shi'a, that doesn't matter anymore." He described these historically deep, religious and communal differences as "artificial distinctions," adding that the Fallujans were "Iraqis" who needed his help. (*New York Times*, 4/9/04).

What was indispensable for the occupation to 'succeed' was the support of the largest segment of Iraqis, the much-maligned Shi'a community. They were the most anti-Saddam elements (with the possible exception of the Kurds), and chafed under Sunni
dominance. The siege of Fallujah promises to alienate those most inclined to ally with the Americans, and to forge links between Sunni and Shi'a militants, and create something that hasn't existed in decades, perhaps generations: a deep-seated sense of nationalism. A nationalism that was spawned by anger and resentment at the occupation.

Now comes news that the supposed cutoff date, June 30th, when 'sovereignty' would be handed off to Iraqis, that no power will be handed over at all.

It is a shadow 'sovereignty'; 'sovereignty', in name only.

Before June 30th, the US calls all the shots; after the 30th, the US will still call the shots.

'Sovereignty', it ain't.

If the long and twisted history of American interference in other people's affairs teaches us anything, it is that it isn't important what Americans call what they do, but
what those people perceive it as. In other words, the White House may claim it was a 'liberation', but how are Iraqis responding?

Handpicked yet powerless 'leaders' masquerade as a government in Iraq, when in reality they govern nothing. They fear the people they are supposed to lead, and the people detest them as toadies of the Americans.

The real government of Iraq is Halliburton, Bechtel, Lockheed Martin, and Northrop Grumman. All of these defense companies are making mad loot on the Iraq Adventure. Some made money selling the weapons to destroy Iraq; others are making dough on it rebuilding. Some made money doing both!

They are the real shot-callers in this new imperial colony.

It was for their bottom line that the war was waged. It is on their behalf that hundreds of Americans perished, and thousands of Iraqis are no more. For war is ever big profits.

Let us not be surprised that the majority of Iraqis now look for the occupying army to withdraw as soon as possible.

They might not have been crazy about the Hussein regime, but they never waged the kind of heavy resistance they are now waging against the Americans, against his

As ever, it will take a while for Americans to listen. For when dollars fill corporate tills, it also blocks government ears.

It will take time. More loss. More death. But, it will come.

Copyright 2004 Mumia Abu-Jamal

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Submitted by: Sis. Marpessa

Text © copyright 2003 by Mumia Abu-Jamal.
All rights reserved.
Reprinted by permission of the author.