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When Democracy Doesn't Matter

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[Col. Recorded 3/18/04]

Sometimes, it is simply amazing to listen to Americans when they call onto talk shows and voice their opinions. The one-dimensional, narrow thinking and xenophobia is often quite stunning. If one listens to such shows, one hears the following thoughts being expressed:

"Ya know, those Spaniards are justa buncha cowards, knowwhatImean? They letta buncha terrorists push 'em outta the coalition!"

"Hey, them damned 'socialists' are just doin' the same thing that Chamberlain did to Hitler; it's the same thing; it's appeasement!"

"Those Spanish over there, they should know that they are just lettin' the terrorists win! They need to stick with Our President!"

The recent electoral win of the Socialist Party over the Popular Party's resigning Prime Minister, Jose Maria Aznar, has sent American nationalists into conniption fits, and into a tizzy of verbal assaults against the Spanish people.

Most accept, almost uncritically, that the recent election returns were based almost solely on the Madrid bombings.

They have presumably forgotten (or chosen to forget) that the Spanish had among the highest opposition levels to the Iraq War, nearly 90% against.

Few sane political parties that wanted to stay in power would have dared to oppose 90% of their populace — on anything!

The Socialists simply utilized basic political ideas to appeal to the greatest number of Spaniards on a burning issue of the day — the War in Iraq.

The first public comments by the newly-elected Spanish leader, Jose Louis Rodriguez Zapatero, made his position quite clear: "The war has been a disaster; the occupation
continues to be a great disaster." (USA Today, 3/16/04, p. 1A)

Prime Minister-elect Zapatero announced that his party will keep a key campaign promise — to remove 1,300 Spanish soldiers from Iraq. The Administration is not

Of the Iraq War, Zapatero said, "It hasn't generated anything but more violence and hate." [*Id*.]

In Iraq, meanwhile, the shattered state, with its puppets of an alleged 'governing council' (which can be overruled at the slightest whim of Paul Bremer, the US Overlord), has, as its highest and only credential, that they are acceptable to the United States. Iraq stands on the brink of civil war.

And now, unless things change drastically, the Zapatero government has pledged to pull out all Spanish troops, the fracturing of the so-called 'coalition.' The American
presence in Iraq, founded on the quicksand of false pretenses, can only be seen as the occupation that it is. It cannot be the midwife of a democracy that is in tatters
in America itself.

How can America claim to be waging a war to install democracy, when it openly opposes the democracy of it's so-called allies? When the Spanish people said
overwhelmingly, in the streets of Spain, in their millions, that they opposed the war; and when polls showed upwards to 90% of them opposed to the American Adventure in Iraq, what is vaguely 'democratic' about the Spanish Prime Minister (Aznar)
sending 1300 Spaniards to support such an action?

What ever happened to 'let the people decide?'

This war, its relentless push from the defense industries and the oil cartels, was not done to 'defend democracy,' but to cripple it. In its train have come the stifling of domestic dissent, the silencing of critics, the growing state repression against opponents, and a press that has been remarkable only in its craven servility to their corporate and political masters.

Undemocratically selected, Bush has ruled like a prince of the blood; an autocrat born to send thousands of lesser beings to their deaths, to insure the domination of his class.

He is repulsed by the very notion of democracy, and regards Congress as a mild annoyance.

Meanwhile, the Spaniards are practicing democracy, in a form far purer than anything
we have seen in America.

We have little to teach, and much to learn, from them.

Copyright 2004 Mumia Abu-Jamal

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Submitted by: Sis. Marpessa

Text © copyright 2003 by Mumia Abu-Jamal.
All rights reserved.
Reprinted by permission of the author.