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Betrayal of Aristide

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[Col. Recorded 2/29/04]

With the news flash crawling across the Sunday morning screen that the democratically elected president of Haiti Jean de-troup Aristide was leaving the country and seeking asylum in another then undisclosed country, came the startling confirmation that the Bush regime couldn't care less about democracy. Not in America's so-called backyard, nor anywhere else in the world. For days, the administration has been bombing grenades in the direction of Aristide, blaming him for the economic troubles of the island while it was the administration itself that cut off the IMF loans that deepened the nation's crisis. Even the allegedly "centrist' Clinton administration had to be drawn; kicking and screaming into the struggle to restore the Haitian president and with entry of the Bush regime came efforts to push him out.

Why did they dislike Aristide?

It had nothing to do with human rights abuses or corruption as the corporate media had been parrot-like repeating. It was because Aristides main core group of support came from the desperately poor peasantry who gave their all in the lavalas movement that pushed the duviex dictatorship into exile. The wealthy bourgeois in Haiti never forgave the former priest for sparking t he democracy movement and it is this element that is the main backers of the so-called rebels who are bent on running Aristide out. It is precisely this element that has friends in high places in the US government and the US intelligence agencies.

Why else would Emanuel Constant- a former honcho of the right-wing Frap group, which has terrorized Haitians for years, live in Sweet calm and comfort in Brooklyn, despite charges of Fraps involvement in torture, beatings, anti-democratic violence and murders. Bush's so-called war on terrorism doesn't go there huh??

When this Aristide government repeatedly requested a return, an extradition of Constant, they were repeatedly ignored.


Is it because they did not want Constant giving testimony about CIA links and support the FRAPP?

What we are seeing in Haiti is the reemergence of the Frap into Haitian life, this time openly supported by the US.

Never again should we give ear to US claims about supporting democracy- it is a sham!

Just days before this right-wing crew, diplomats assigned to the organization of American states, the OAS , got up and almost all of the nations represented, swore to support the Haitian government…all except the US. Mexico pledged support, El Salvador and the embattled republic of Venezuela did as well. But it was all diplomatic speech, and diplomatic speech, after all is said and done, is just speech.

IN the end, the resolutions of the OAS like the resolutions of other agencies meant nothing. What mattered is that the US opposed it, and the president of Haiti is now in exile. What is almost more disturbing is that the US claims to support his removal "for the good of the Haitian people."

For 200 years the US hasn't given a damn about the Haitian people. When they try to seek asylum on US shores, they are thrown into a chrome detention center in Miami.
For years, the US has supported every dictator that ever ruled over Haiti despite a blood curdling history of crimes and horrific human rights violations. That's because those dictators would freely allow the Haitian people to be further and further exploited.
The Haitians will now, if history is any guide, experience a wave of violence and accordingly, the rate of island refugees will grow exponentially. What will America then do for the good of the Haitian people?

Turn them back to their tormentors who have now ceased power?

Aristide predicted this. History will prove his words were right and that the Bush regime was once again dead-wrong.

From Death Row, this is Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Copyright 2004 Mumia Abu-Jamal

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Submitted by: Sis. Marpessa

Text © copyright 2003 by Mumia Abu-Jamal.
All rights reserved.
Reprinted by permission of the author.