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Making Reasons for War

mp3, 3 MBs, 4:25

[Col. recorded 2/23/03]

"... small minds and great empires ill go together." — Edmund Burke
(1729-97) (British conservative writer)

Rare has it been that the American public has had the opportunity to preempt a war. Rarer still has there been occasion to really review the claimed bases for war; to challenge the claims put forth by the Government.

People have that chance today, and many (alas, not enough!) are using this opportunity to examine the latest published or aired pretext for this looming war.

The Bush Regime's most trusted man is ex-General Colin Powell. His recent performances at the UN, however, have left a lot to be desired.

As Secretary of State, Powell’s position commands the ears of the multitude. It doesn’t help things, however, when he presents materials from British intelligence that turns out to be bogus. For at least two generations of Americans, the very idea of British intelligence evokes images of the suave English spy, Bond... James Bond. But the latest offering from MI-6 was hardly the stuff of Bondian legend. The claimed dossier on Iraq was, in fact, largely the thesis of an Arab-American grad student, one
Ibrahim Al-Marashi, and stuff gleaned from an article published "Jane’s" magazine. Beleaguered British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, palmed this report off on Powell as an "intelligence report," to solidify his links with the Bush Regime, and to strengthen his position back home, where his poll numbers are falling faster than a rapper's pants. Mr. Al-Marashi, who hails from a Shi'ite family based in Baltimore, has never visited Iraq, and based his paper on published accounts in an Israeli journal on Mid-East affairs. Yet, this is the stuff called "intelligence," and is waved by the Bush Regime as a casus belli (cause for war)!

So hungry are the boys in Washington for bombings in Baghdad that they recycle students' papers as "intelligence," as the basis for invasion and mass death.

Oh! Remember the latest, greatest hit by that Arab rapper, Osama bin Laden, whose latest tape was trumpeted by Powell and his bellicose bosses as "proof" that Saddam was "linked" to Al-Qaeda? While compliant, corporate media allowed segments to be played that supported the state's interpretation (their patriotic duty, right?) another periodical printed a translation of the tape which left little doubt about how the bin Ladenites viewed the Ba'ath Regime:

"The socialists are infidels wherever they are, either in Baghdad or Aden.

Such war which may take place these days is similar to the war between Muslims and Romans, when the interests of the Muslims came along with the interests of the Persians, who both fought against the Romans." — Alexander Cockburn, "The Great Intelligence Fraud", The Nation (3/03/03), p. 8.

Ain’t much love lost between them, is it? If this is a "link," then General Sharon and President Arafat are "linked," if only by mutual hatred and antagonism. Bin Laden hates Hussein with a passion; he only hates "The Great Satan" more. Some link, huh?

Yet, for millions of Americans, who gather their news from the common corporate basket of the major networks, their fear leads them to accept what their reason could not. And more than anything else, fear is driving the common people of this nation to endorse what Dr. Nelson Mandela has called "a holocaust" in that region of the world.

It is that deep, pervasive, gnawing fear that is being exploited by the politicians in Washington. That, and a deeper, far more venal greed (by the oilmen).

Fear and Greed.

Those will be the twisted twin legacies that the United States bequeaths to the world, if King George has his way.

We can say "Freedom" and "Democracy", but they are but justifications that we use; things we believe in about as much as we believe in the stories we tell our little ones; they are the Santa Claus clause of diplomatic speech.

It will be fear and greed, dark seeds from the bottom of the human soul, that will bear a harvest of bitter fruit in seasons to come.

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Submitted by: Sis. Marpessa


Text © copyright 2003 by Mumia Abu-Jamal.
All rights reserved.
Reprinted by permission of the author.