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[Col. recorded 1/19/03]

Long Live John Africa. On A Move ya all. I thank you all for a few moments to share some thoughts as these excellent artists rap, rock and jam against war. I love it.

You know there are few social movements in our history that have been successful that didn’t involve the power and persuasion of music. The civil rights movement had the uplifting choruses of gospel. The Black Liberation movement had Curtis Mayfield’s powerful tenor, and jazz artists like Archie Shep and Max Roach. The anti-war
movement during Vietnam had groups like WAR and even the Beatles.

The music of those periods sent messages of resistance and rebellion to millions of people who never read, nor received a leaflet, nor ever attended a demonstration. So we here hail the power of music. Not music to sell SUV’s, soap or bling bling, but music that fires the spirit, that uplifts the soul, that steels us with the messages of resistance. So we are grateful for the brave and brilliant artists who appear here, like ?Asamatala?, Chuck D’s new aggregation the Fine Arts Militia, Michael Franti and Spearhead, Annie Di Franco, the brilliant spoken word artist Saul Williams and other great acts.

Music or art that does not feed the souls, but background music to the social disorder of consumption and captial, music that does not promote the collective good of us all, is but the equivalent of violins strumming at the gates of concentration camps. So applaud these artists, who raise their voices and play their instruments against the shadow of imperial war.

They are the best of us, and they should not play alone.

Let’s give em all a big round of applause as I thank you, I thank AWOL.

On the Move, down with war for oil and empire, Long Live John Africa.

Free the Move 9, your brother Mumia.

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Submitted by: Sis. Marpessa



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