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Excerpts From: Faith of Our Fathers
An Examination of the Spiritual Life of African and African-American People

Introductory Comments by Mumia Abu-Jamal: mp3, 1.17 MBs, 1:21
Divine Femine: mp3, 1.15 MBs, 1.20
In the Presence of the Gods: mp3, 2.06 MBs, 2:20
Man God, Black God (short version): mp3, 2.56 MBs, 3:11
Man God, Black God (long version): mp3, 3.36 MBs, 4:04

Africa World Press Inc./The Red Sea Press Inc.
P.O. Box 1892
Trenton, NJ 08607
(609) 695-3200

For immediate release contact: Angela Ajayi (609) 695-3200 tel

Faith of Oour Fathers: An Examination of the Spiritual Life of African and African-American People
— a new book by Mumia Abu-Jamal

Trenton, NJ — Africa World Press is pleased to announce the publication of Faith of Our Fathers , a new book by Mumia Abu-Jamal that presents a moving portrayal of black faith over the span of 500 years.

In this book, his first work of history, the acclaimed essayist pens a searching panorama of the spiritual life of African people, who, dispersed from their motherland,
molded a love of freedom into religious practice and resistance to racist tyranny.

As he fights for his own freedom, Abu-Jamal writes passionately about the freedom struggles of millions throughout history.

Praise for Faith of Our Fathers:

"Mumia Abu-Jamal has always embodied both political courage and moral commitment to his people and to all humanity. That deep spiritual vision is richly reflected in Faith of Our Fathers . For one who has been unjustly imprisoned for so many years to retain faith is remarkable enough in itself. But to produce such a work of stunning insight and thoughtful research, as Mumia has done, is truly inspiring." — Manning Marable, Professor of Public Affairs, Political Science and History, Director, Institute for Research in African-American Studies, Columbia University

"Mumia Abu-Jamal's Faith of Our Fathers captures black religion's ambiguity and complexity. Well-researched and lucidly written, his insights rest on sound scholarly judgment...this book is a creative engagement by one who knows existentially what it means to search for freedom in
chains." — From the Preface by James H. Cone, Briggs Distinguished
Professor, Union Theological Seminary

"From his death row cell in Pennsylvania, Mumia Abu-Jamal bursts free here, showing the same stamina and wisdom of the ancestors of spirit he so movingly portrays in this new book. He and his book witness to spirit that matters — spirit surviving slavery and prison, spirit celebrating love and life, spirit still fighting for justice." — Mark L. Taylor, Professor of Theology & CUlture, Princeton Theological Seminary

ISBN: 1-59221-019-8 (paper) $19.95
Publication Date: September 1, 2003

For additional information and to order this book visit:

Check out Mumia's NEW book:
"Faith of Our Fathers: An Examination of the Spiritual Life of African and African-American People" at

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Submitted by: Sis. Marpessa

Text © copyright 2003 by Mumia Abu-Jamal.
All rights reserved.
Reprinted by permission of the author.