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Allawi Tour Sponsored by the CIA

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(This version is in French.)

[Col. Recorded 9/25/04]

In recent days, the visage of a smiling Iyad Allawi has beamed from the screens of corporate media, to try to put a nice face on the disaster in Iraq.

Alternately fawned over, and lauded, as Iraq's "interim" prime minister, Allawi is supposed to be the spokesman of an emergent 'democracy' in Iraq, and by projection, in the entire Middle East.

One has to wonder, 'Why this guy?' 'Where does he come from?' The long career of Iyad Allawi is a long and winding road, one which brings him to the attention and the service of the Americans.

When he was a student in Britain, he was an informer for the Ba'athist Saddam Hussein regime. Later, he conveniently switched his allegiance to work for MI6, the
British intelligence agency. He would subsequently turn his coat to serve the CIA. This opened the door to a lucrative career as a consultant for various UN (United Nations)
agencies, from which he would launch the Iraqi National Accord (INA), a group composed primarily of disaffected Ba'athists, who, on the payroll of the Saudi royal house, the CIA, and MI6, would stage a series of terrorist attacks in Iraq during the 1990s.

The INA bombed, among other targets, an Iraqi movie theater, killing dozens of people. In 1996, when the CIA backed a failed military coup against the Saddam regime,
the presence of the INA was severely reduced in the country.

It is not an accident of history that the world's loudest claimants to the so-called 'war against terrorism' would enlist a former terrorist in their crusade to 'remake the
Middle East.' Messrs. Bush and [Tony] Blair couldn't give a tinker's damn about terrorism — this is about *control* of the Middle East, and domination of the oil-rich region, for generations.

That's why Iraqis are fighting against the so-called 'interim government!' They know that most of the people on the benches are puppets of foreign, imperial will, who also care nothing about 'democracy', nor 'terrorism.'

Every empire that has ever ruled over a foreign people has installed supple puppets to follow their orders, and do their bidding. That is the way of things.

For the better part of two generations, we saw this same thing, as the West handsomely supported vile dictators like Mobutu in Zaire, Marcos in the Philippines, the Shah in Iran, and a hundred other various princes, generals, emirs and pashas.

Allawi thus joins a rich historical entourage.

With the exception of the Kurds, and several Islamic parties, (like al Dawa and the Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution in Iraq [SCIRI]), few of the representatives in the so-called government have a real social base in the country, and have opposed Saddam's regime while he was in power.

Most are, like the CIA's former poster boy — Ahmed Chalabi — rich men who lived in wealth and comfort abroad for generations. And when Chalabi tried to build a real constituency of support among the majority Shia population, the CIA threw him to the wolves.

Allawi, the henchman of the Americans and the British, is being positioned to emerge
as the new Iraqi strongman; using American and British imperial might, to bolster his claim to 'democracy.'

A war was waged on a lie, to bring forth this lie of an 'Iraqi democracy', where the wealth and future of the nation is mortgaged off to the highest, whitest bidder.

This 'democracy' is but the newest form of colonialism.

Copyright 2004 Mumia Abu-Jamal

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Submitted by: Sis. Marpessa

Text © copyright 2003 by Mumia Abu-Jamal.
All rights reserved.
Reprinted by permission of the author.