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"Statement In Support of International Day in Solidarity with Political Prisoners"

rec 11/18/05

1 )4:02 Mumia's Statement Mp3

2 )3:15 Marilyn Buck's Statement Mp3



For a complete list of events visit: http://www.ppsolidarity.revolt.org/


In the Bay Area Dec. 3rd.   Join Kathleen Cleave and Alicia Rodriguez, at the First Unitarian Church – 14th and Castro, Oakland, CA     7PM   Oakland 


Mumia's Statement in Support of International Day of Solidarity

This international day of solidarity with political prisoners shows us that while repression is national, resistance can be global. In truth, it must be so. Many of us have been part of national liberation movements, revolutionary political parties, anti-racist communes, or, in the case of people of like the Cuban Five, anti-terrorism activists. We’ve been tried in tribunals where our politics have been our crime, and our political associations our felonies. This, in nations which claim to support the right of free association. But the truth of the matter is that nations are not bound by law, but by power. It doesn’t matter what is written in arcane ancient documents. It doesn’t matter, truthfully, what treaties or pacts have been sworn to or signed. Treaties and constitutions are sheer conveniences, ignored more often than followed.

This is my position, based on my studies of history, law, and political, and also international, affairs. Political prisoners and prisoners of war should accept that truth, perhaps use it in political organizing, but not rely upon it. That’s because many imprisoned activists and revolutionaries refer to international law principles when they protest either their incarceration or their conditions of confinement. What can such an argument mean in an era when the attorney general refers to the Geneva Conventions as “quaint?” Law isn’t something that simply exists up in the air, like the moon. Law is an instrument of the ruling class, and it can only be impacted by social forces which struggle to change or transform social relations. What that means in a nutshell is relatively simple: organize, organize, organize. Many of us began our activism in an age when we’d claim to believe in the people. We should therefore, as much as possible, believe in them anew. Speak to them, write to them, work with them, organize. There are no shortcuts, especially for those who rebel in the heart of the empire. We live in an age of secret prisons, what a British jurist called recently “legal black holes.” We have therefore seen, with our eyes, the death, if not the internment of America’s reverence and adherence to the Constitution. Those of us who remember the Cointelpro era have lived long enough to see many of those same illegalities and violations made into law. Many of us who count our radicalization in the fires of the Vietnam War have been around long enough to see another imperial adventure, begun in lies, and ripened into social resistance to the Iraq war. Many of us can speak to those realities from our specific movement experiences. There is space for us to write, to call, to speak, and hopefully, to touch others in the process of reaching and radicalizing them, as we were radicalized. We must pass it on, so that another generation doesn’t know more about a 50 Cent than Huey P. Newton. So that young people will create a culture that doesn’t say “Get Rich or Die Tryin,” but “Get Free, or Die Tryin.” That is our collective challenge. If we can do this, we will give arms and legs, hearts and minds, bodies and souls to the movement to create true international solidarity with political prisoners, prisoners of war, and political detainees. This is our duty. This is our responsibility. This is our work to remake the world in a more life affirming, humanistic vision. Thank you for your invitation.

Ona Move! Long Live John Africa! From Death Row, this is Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Marilyn Buck's Statement

To everyone who supports political prisoners, especially you who have been political prisoners and continue to struggle for we who are absent, we the hidden, thank you. Thank you all for being here for political prisoners worldwide.

              More of us would be in the darkness and depths of imperialism, militarist and dictatorial dungeons if you did not keep the light and candles lit to keep us visible. We would be whited out before the glaring interrogation lights or the searchlights that deny sleep as part of torture to grind down our lives without the support of our movement, groups, and people who believe in human rights and dignity as well in the international agreements like the Geneva Accords and Declaration of Human Rights, so hard fought for.

              This is a gruesome time for political prisoners to be. The U.S. naked embrace of torture, disappearance and isolation has been appalling. But it is significant that this syphilitic, demented prepotentate is stripping itself bare. Ironic, really, when stripping prisoners bare is one of the implements of degradation so commonly used. But we live in ironic times. We in the U.S. have an autocratic, demagogic president who blithely compliments Latin America on being free of military dictatorships. Perhaps he has forgotten that his family, his advisors and cronies – his government of the School of the Americas and CIA assassins – trained and financed those military coups in the 1960s and 70s with their torturers, disappearances and execution of people like us, like you.

              So here we are. Here many of us still are, imprisoned from the Philippines to Turkey to Haiti to the U.S.  In every country that is a stooge and henchman for global imperialism, on every continent, there are POWs and political prisoners of conscience. More than a few of us have been here for an entire generation. More are coming. We are alive, though some of us may be silent, waiting; our hearts still beat and shine like jewels – like Nazim Hikmet wrote – in the right side of our breast. The human rights side, the justice side, the side of the people world wide who have borne the depredations and degradations of white supremacist, neo-colonial war and rape of the land, resources, and bodies.

              Sadly, we can’t last forever. We are women and men who are being ground down daily. Some who are silent, scream from being driven insane, out of their minds. Isolation and constant repression does destroy, especially after 10 years or 20 years or 30 years. Those of us who are still relatively intact are fortunate to be so. I believe your support and efforts have helped to save our sanities. Certainly, you have saved mine.

              We need your voices, your ongoing and fresh efforts on our behalf, in this battle for humanity and justice.

              Carry on the tradition – the tradition of struggle for justice, humanity and socialism.

Hasta la victoria siempre!

Free all political prisoners.

Marilyn Buck




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"When a cause comes along and you know in your bones that it is
just, yet refuse to defend it--at that moment you begin to die.
And I have never seen so many corpses walking around talking about
justice." - Mumia Abu-Jamal


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Submitted by: Sis. Marpessa

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Submitted by: Sis. Marpessa