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"What 'Jobs' Really Means"

Recorded 8-21-11

1) 1:43 What Job's Really Means Mp3

2) 1:43 What Job's Really Means Aiff (Higher quality larger file)


What "Jobs Really Mean"
[col. writ. 8/21/11 Mumia Abu-Jamal


There isn't a politician running for national office today, who isn't screaming, "Jobs!", 'jobs' and 'jobs.' 
Partly that's because they know that's what people want to hear, and that many are not only jobless, but almost petrified with fear about future prospects for employment.
When I hear such promises, I'm reminded of the line spoken by comedian Mel Brooks in the 1974 classic, "Blazing Saddles", where he portrays Gov. William J. Le Petomaine: "We've gotta protect our phoney-baloney jobs!" 
Every politician barking today knows that truly good jobs (except for those especially skilled) are gone--for good.   
That's largely the result of the passage of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), which stripped many, many jobs from the manufacturing sector.
And, at bottom, It  ain't really about jobs--It's about living wages--something no politician is addressing. 
The bottom line is corporate America is sitting on some $2.2 trillion in capital that could easily employ the 23 million people who are un-employed, under-employed and those out of the work force. 
But they don't want to. And no politician--not even the President of the United States--is willing, or able, to make them do so. 
So, they talk about "phoney-baloney jobs", because that's all that's left 

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