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"The Spoils Of War"

Recorded 5-15-11

1) 1:52 The Spoils Of War Mp3


The Spoils of 'War'
[col. writ. 5/14/11 (c) '11 Mumia Abu-Jamal    
   So now we know bin Laden, the late al Qaeda chief, had a hankering for smut.
   Or do we?
   As the news that pornography was found in the stash grabbed by the U.S. government hit team that killed him in his Abbottabad, Pakistani hideout began its trek through the media hordes (or whores) another thought came to mind.
   The U.S. military's seizure of Panama's Manuel Antonio Noriega in 1990, ostensibly for drug smuggling.  Upon his arrest, military sources reported the former president-general used cocaine, wore red panties, and frequented prostitutes.  Oh--and they also said he worshipped voodoo.  Not to be outdone, they claimed to have seized a huge cache of cocaine (that later turned out to be tamale powder)

Putting aside the fact that few Spanish speakers practice voodoo,(most prefer Santeria), why was such news flashed in the first place, if not to justify the raid by demonizing the Panamanian head of state?

Left unsaid, of course, was Noriega's long and presumably fruitful relationship as an asset of the CIA; which, come to think of it, could also be said of Osama, during his days of funding and supporting the mujahideen fighting against the Soviet army in Afghanistan.

   Now, after he was said to have been armed, and then unarmed; after using his wife as a human shield, and then not doing so, we have the smut report.
   In a few days, perhaps a report of red panties will surface.
   That would make things just perfect.
--(c) '11 maj


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Submitted by: Sis. Marpessa

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