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"Did You Vote For This?"

Recorded 4-6-11 

1) 1:49 Did You Vote For This? Mp3


 Did You Vote for THIS ?

[col. writ. 4/2/11]  (c) '11 Mumia Abu-Jamal

   Wars -- and more wars.....

   Oil spills in the ocean.

   Nuclear plants belching radioactive poison for miles, affecting people, animals, plants and even fungi.

   Teachers demonized, humiliated and punished for daring to want a decent wage, benefits and basic respect.....

   Over 50 million people unemployed... and over 2 million folks losing their homes to foreclosure.

   While the situation may seem grim for millions of average people, it's a banker's holiday on Wall St., where big bonuses have returned and pay is stratospheric.

   In major U.S. cities, schools can barely manage to graduate 50% of its students, and even for those who earn a diploma, jobs are scarce to nonexistent.

   How's that 'change you can believe in' coming along?

   Day by day, we are learning that the politicians in office, no matter their party, don't really control what goes: it's the business and corporate kings who call the shots.  They profit from the wars, the school closings, the foreclosures, the nuclear disasters, and the breaking of treaties.

   Your loss is their gain.

   The nation, indeed the world, needs change.

   Change from rapacious capitalism; change from the illicit merger of politicians and capital; change from needless, destructive and predatory wars blessed by the immoral UN Security Council; change from the destructive capacity of nuclear power plants; change from what is.

   Change into what can be.


---(c) '11 maj

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Submitted by: Sis. Marpessa

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