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"What The Arab Rebellions Mean"

Recorded 3-6-11

1) 2:39 What The Arab Rebellions Mean long Mp3

2) 1:49 What The Arab Rebellions Mean short Mp3

 What the Arab Rebellions Mean
[col. writ 3/5/11] (c) '11 Mumia Abu-Jamal

   Day by day, like a fever, rebellions pass from city to city, Tunis, Cairo, Manama, San'a, Benghazi and beyond.
   For the Arab world, saddled with venal, greedy and repressive governments (many of them U.S. - backed and armed) for decades, many of which have failed to provide basic economic, social or job security to most of its citizens (or subjects), this has been the Season of Rebellion, especially among young people.

   In Egypt, for example, many young men knew that pervasive unemployment meant no chance for marriage (in a culture where that, and children is considered the highest of achievements).  Some drifted to the Masjid (or mosque). Some joined the Muslim Brotherhood. Others fell into hopelessness.
   These rebellions brought hope for change.
   Almost all of the Arab rebellions can be traced to more immediate causes. Principally, the brutality and corruption of the police.
   But rebellions are beginnings; revolutions they are not.  Again, Egypt is illustrative of that fact, perhaps best shown by the role of the Army. For although at the time of the mass protests at Tahrir Square, people chanted, "The Army and the People are One", within days of that euphoria, people are being beaten, jailed and hauled before military courts for protests. One demonstrator, beaten by soldiers, expressed shock, saying, "I thought we were brothers!"
   The faces at the top may have changed, but the system hasn't.
   Nor have the recent rebellions been, in any way, an affirmation of the American invasions and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. Indeed, the reverse is true.
   U.S. politicians and neo con ideologues sold Iraq's invasion as a precursor of a stellar example of regional democracy.
   It has been a horror of bloodletting, social upheaval, explosive ethnic hatreds and political corruption -- in both Iraq and Afghanistan -- on a grand scale. In that sense they've proven more a regional equal than an exemplar, for they also excel at stolen elections.
   Indeed, in these U.S. puppet states, supported by vast sums of American money, there are protests aplenty, against the U.S. backed regimes.
   Boy -- half a trillion in U.S. dollars, for stolen elections!  Sounds like money well spent!
   The rebellions continue, although at a slower pace than a month ago. Although I'm willing to bet, the season's not over.

--(c) '11 maj


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Submitted by: Sis. Marpessa

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