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Mumia Abu-Jamal's Radio Broadcasts in 2008

Mumia Abu-Jamal is an award-winning journalist who chronicles the human condition. He has been a resident of Pennsylvania’s death row for twenty-five years. Writing from his solitary confinement cell his essays have reached a worldwide audience. His books "Live From Death Row", "Death Blossoms", "All Things Censored", “Faith of Our Fathers” and the recently released “We Want Freedom” have sold over 150,000 copies and been translated into nine languages. His 1982-murder trial and subsequent conviction have been the subject of great debate.

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Dispatches From Death Row © MAJ/Prison Radio 2008

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12/24/08 Eartha Kitt

Inheriting an Empire

12/20/08 JR of POCC Interviews Mumia
12/19/08 Somalia Woes of peril of Intervention
12/15/08 Deregulation Nation
12/13/08 Politics of the Present
12/07/08 Message to PDC Holiday Event for Class War Prisoners
12/07/08 False Freedom
12/07/08 Penny Wise and Pound Foolish

Dec. 6th Philladelphia Rally

Mumia Message: 28yrs a Quest for Freedom

12/03/08 A Secret Recession?
11/29/08 More Money for Masters None for You
11/25/08 Blames the Takers Not the Makers
11/25/08 Masks of Empire


Miriam Makeba The Great

Speech to CT Colleges

Labor Exchange Salutation

11/15/08 Bailing Out My Boys

African Views on U.S. Elections

When the Dragons Come Home

11/05/08 JR of POCC Interview with Mumia re the Election
11/05/08 A Day of Days
11/05/08 The Meaning of Victory

Free the Atenco 14

Socialism for Some


Clash of Titans GM Chrysler Merger

Time for Troy Davis is Now


Of Bubbles and Busts

Debating Without Debating


Behind the Money Crash

Markets On Fire

Jericho at Ten

10/4/08 Scare Tactics

The Fall of the House of Capital

A Time for Union Power (the case of Harrison & Ruffin ILWU)


The Fear Bomb Again

Empire on E


From Deregulation to National Gaurantor: In a Blink

Jury of Peers (for Critical Resistance as well as radio play)

9/16/08 Silent Riots on Wall Street
9/11/08 Obama & The Bubba Vote
9/6/08 Beating Back Batson (Batson v. Kentucky U.S. Supreme Court 1986)
9/4/08 Items off the Table: (Presidental Speeches and the Economy)
9/3/08 Power to the Peaceful: 10th Anniversary Message
8/31/08 The McCain Gambit: The Politics of Gender

The Nomination

Fear The Engine of Politics

8/25/08 Obama Biden Change? Not so Much
8/20/08 68 Then and Now  (DNC and democratic protests)
8/18/08 Pakistani Democracy and Ours
8/16/08 The Foreign Policy of Fools
8/13/08 A New Russia: A New Reality
8/10/08 Goddard Commencement Speech

The Perils of Black Political Power

"oooooh Sorry about that Slavery Thing"


Obama Abroad

Apollonia Jordan interviews Mumia Abu-Jamal


MAJ Comment on 3rd Circuit Ruling

August 8th

The Struggle for the Safe Return of Lovinsky Pierre Antoine: Haitian Human Rights Activist

7/23/08 Beyond Politics
7/21/08 Of Terrorist List and Listers
7/20/08 Business Sense
7/16/08 The Outsiders Road Within
7/09/08 One Empire, Unchanged
7/03/08 The Boah They Called "Bus Head"
7/02/08 Paragons of Democracy?
6/29/08 Saving Bankers While Home Owners Fall
6/27/08 Nadar: "He Can't be Too Black"
6/22/08 The Crimes of Kings
6/19/08 Hollow Victory
6/13/08 Block Report Radio: Boots interviews Mumia Abu-Jamal
6/13/08 Real Road Rage
6/10/08 Hillary's Homecoming
6/7/08 Is Obama's Victory Ours?
6/5/08 M1 of POCC & Dead Prez Interviews Mumia Abu-Jamal

When Votes Matter and When They Didn't

Rejecting the Church Pew, for the Alter of Power

5-28-08 Blues for Bill Tilley
5/24/08 When the State Attacks
5/22/08 When Empire Fade
5/17/08 The Politics of Ignorance and Fear
5/15/08 A Congress That is More Than a Rubber Stamp

Kiilu Nyasha Birthday Message

Thoughts on Africa (for Elombe Brath)

5/9/08 Philadelphia: The City of Brotherly Thugs

The Politics of Denounciation

Whose Uncle is Really Crazy  re Wright and Obama


Globalization and its Discontents

The Black Panther Party: The Reign of Youth

5/1/08 ILWU Strikes for Peace West Coast Port Shutdown 5/01/08
4/25/08 Sean Bell's 2nd Slaying
4/21/08 Pennsylvania The Keystone State?

None Kissing Cousins

Food Wars

4/13/08 Symbols versus Substance

Chairman Fred Hampton Jr & JR of POCC

Exclusive Interview w/ Mumia re recent ruling


Changeless Change: The Law of Politics

When Courts Go Wrong

4/3/08 What Post-Racial America?
3/28/08 When International Law Ain't Law

Of Crazy Uncles and Kings

Beyond Spitzer: The Abyss of Business


Of Power and Empire
3/20/08 Why the War Will Not Soon End

The Politician and the Preacher

Five Years of Hell - for ANSWER's anti-war protest

3/15/08 Whore Nation
3/12/08 Law Maker = Law Breaker: The Spitzer Drama
3/8/08 Parole Time for the MOVE 9
3/5/08 Nafta Democrats
3/2/08 Prisonhouse of Nations
3/1/08 Reporters or Imperial Scribes
2/28/08 Paul, the Magnificent!
2/26/08 Cash Culture
2/23/08 'W' in Africa, Part II
2/22/08 Support Professor Griff
2/19/08 Fidel's Resignation
2/16/08 The Black Vote: Lessons from History
2/15/08 The Costs of Crime War Myths
2/13/08 If It's African It's Tribal re Kenya
2/10/08 Media Trips
2/9/08 Frederick Douglass: The Freedom of Some or the Freedom of All
2/8/08 Between Rap and Reggae
2/6/08 Brave New World
2/5/08 The Politics to Come
2/2/08 Message to Fighters for Freedom Event
1/30/08 Message to Activism Right There Conference UCBerkeley
1/27/08 The Radical Alternative
1/27/08 Project Niggerization (about South Carolina)
1/25/08 With a Brutha' like This...
1/24/08 The Corporate Elections
1/20/08 The Economics of Gangsters
1/18/08 Praying with the Devil
1/17/08 It Ain't the Voting That Counts, It's the Counting
1/13/08 The Madness Called Home, Kenya
1/11/08 America's Martin and Martin's America
1/10/08 The Oops Factor
1/6/08 Killing 'em Softly
1/2/08 Crimes of State



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