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Mumia Abu-Jamal's Radio Broadcasts

Mumia Abu-Jamal is an award-winning journalist who chronicles the human condition. He has been a resident of Pennsylvania’s death row for twenty-five years. Writing from his solitary confinement cell his essays have reached a worldwide audience. His books "Live From Death Row", "Death Blossoms", "All Things Censored", “Faith of Our Fathers” and the recently released “We Want Freedom” have sold over 150,000 copies and been translated into nine languages. His 1982-murder trial and subsequent conviction have been the subject of great debate.

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Dispatches From Death Row © MAJ/Prison Radio 2007

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12/29/07 Pakistan After Bhutto
12/28/07 When News Ain't New
12/22/07 The Politics of Fear

The Power of Black Music

Families (Unknown Enemies)

12/15/07 The Idea of a Black President
12/13/07 Baseball Over Terrorism?
12/9/07 The CIA Destroys Tapes, What is New?
12/8/07 Teaching False History and Its Consequences
12/6/07 Omaha Night
12/4/07 Iran: An Imminent Nuclear Threat?
12/1/07 The War Against Ourselves
11/27/07 The Obama Factor (and women's vote as a factor)
11/24/07 Echoes of a Freedom Struggle: A book Review of Muhammad Ahmad's "We Will Return in the Whirlwind Black Organizations 1960-1975"
11/18/07 Dictators in the Empire's Employ

Guiness Records: Massacre or Suicide

Jane Jackson Presente

11/11/07 The Magic Money Machine
11/9/07 Soft Dictatorships and the Misrule of Law
11/4/07 Dictatorship of "Freedom" re Pakistan
11/1/07 What I Meant to Say Was (racism and african am educ)
10/20/07 The Law That Promotes Punishment (instead of Education)

Planning to Fail


10/27/07 Message to the Anti War Rallies
10/13/07 Beat Camp (juvenile injustice at detention facilities)

The Aura of Inevitability

Beaten on the Docks

UAACR Station ID

10/7/07 Iran, Rumors of War?
10/5/07 When the Union Becomes Management
9/29/07 Before & Beyond Jena
9/27/07 Congress: Government of Which People?
9/23/07 The Diplomacy of Children
9/21/07 The World of Blackwater: Private Wars for Public Monies

The Latest Battle in the War Against the Poor

The Death of the Pursuit of a Dream: A House

9/15/07 Pakistan: The Democracy of Boots, Bullets, and Brutality
9/14/07 The People Against Congress

The 911 Moment

The Best?  Federer


Fear and Hatred in the Apple

Massacre? What Massacre?: Haditha

9/01/07 For Kenneth Foster? No More Death Row...
8/28/07 Gonzo Justice: AG of Cronyism
8/27/07 Katrina Tribunal Solidarity Statements Mumia & Herman Wallace
8/25/07 Los Cincos: Another Try for Justice
8/24/07 A Lesson from Vietnam
8/21/07 The Vick Kick

The Power of History: Haiti

The Politics of War


The War Against Shadows

One of the Politics of Promises

8/10/07 Stink Tanks
8/8/07 August 8th, Again
8/5/07 The War Against Ward Churchill

Dread in Zimbabwe

Ramona Africa on MOVE excellent speech

8/1/07 Mumia on Uprising Radio KPFK 91.7FM LA w/ Sonali Kolhatkar
7/29/07 Troy Anthony Davis: Witnesses Lie
7/27/07 The Quest: The Battle of Barry Bonds

Of White Trees, Black Boys & Jena, LA

Radio ID for The Moose 91.7

Message for Herman Wallace

7/19/07 Jamming Up Janet Africa
7/18/07 1967 The Year of Fire, the Year of Rage
7/17/07 The Fall of Faith-based Foreign Policy
7/14/07 Personal Message to Blue Note Senders
7/12/07 When Wars Backfire
7/7/07 Venus Again

The Beating of Black Lawyers

Of Cronies and Kings


7/2/07 Crimes of the CIA
7/1/07 What Independence, What Freedom
6/27/07 Blair to the Rescue?

Refugees From Hell

Suspicious Behavior

6/23/07 Breaking the Prison Habit

Message to US Social Forum

Another Rap About Rapping

Gathering of Tribes


Puppet Makers

6/14/07 Dead Soldiers and Dead Dreams
6/12/07 Paris Crying

Priests or Presidents

Death & Texas: The Kenneth Foster Case 


Nafta Weapon of Mass Destruction


Police and Thieves

Memorials of Madness

5/20/07 Chomsky Columnist with out a Place
5/14/07 Blair's Britian
5/13/07 Congress Your Money and Your Life
5/10/07 For All of Our Mothers
For 5/17/07

Radio PSA's please air All Out for Philadelphia

Message to Rallys by Mumia

5/8/07 Democracy or Puppetry

NYC Writer's Event Speech for 5/12/07

PDC Statement for 5/5 & 5/12

5/3/07 Jamestown: Lessons of Indians and Empire
4/22/07 Lessons From Virginia Tech Massacre
4/21/07 The Mad Man Chronicles 
4/20/07 Viva May Day

Imus Amongst Us

Jackie Robinson Plus 60

4/11/07 Of Nappy Heads and Hard Hearts 
4/5/07 Insights into a Terrorist-Supporting Country
4/2/07 Death in Cell #5

Beyond Gonzales

Crossing the Line ID

Radio Raw Deen ID

Sister Space ID


War Games

Tribute to Safiya Bukhari

The Sweet Case and Darrow's Closing Argument

3/18/07 Anniversary of Disaster
3/16/07 Interview with Mumia by Block Report Radio

Furor Over Politicizing Justice

Troops Out Now Message


The Tyranny of the Think Tanks

Women's World's (Women's History Month)

Anti War Speech, for Pittsburgh

3/1/07 What A Different Congress Makes

Another Side of Black History

The March to Tehran

2/22/07 Proxy Wars Again
2/21/07 Malcolm's Meanings Pittsburgh Public Event Tonight
2/18/07 Royal Presidents
2/17/07 For the Love of Huey

What War On Terror

Harriet Tubman: A Woman Called General Moses

2/4/07 Who Protects Whom
2/2/07 Give War A Chance
2/2/07 Speech to World Congress to Abolish the Death Penalty
2/1/07 How Black is Our History Month
1/27/07 Speech to SF Anti War March; and March on Washington

State of Chaos

Special Message to Young People via Byard Lancaster


The Other Army

Harold Wilson Organizing After Death Row

1/21/07 How the Forces of Capital Got Us Where We Are: Or Global Warming II

Martin Luther King's Second Martyrdom

Hornblower Strike SF Docks

1/12/07 The Planet's Death Row  

No Matter What : Bush Speech Jan 10th

Kevin Cooper's Struggle for Life


Of Princes and Presidents



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