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Mumia Abu-Jamal's Radio Broadcasts
Archives for 2006

Index of Mumia Abu-Jamal's Recorded 2006 Essays
(mp3's downloadable from individual pages)

Dispatches From Death Row © MAJ/Prison Radio 2006
12/31/06 Saddam on the Gallows
12/24/06 The Urge to Surge
12/17/06 When War Crimes Ain't War Crimes
12/14/06 Other People's Congress

Interview w/ Mumia on 25 Yrs in Prison

by/ POCC Block Report

12/10/06 Chavez Rises, Pinochet Succumbs
12/8/06 Why The Iraq Study Group is No Solution
12/03/06 Lessons Unlearned
12/2/06 No Safe Age re shooting of Shawn Bell
11/29/06 French Message For Press Conference
11/28/06 The Worms Turn
11/26/06 Wars Against Memory Charles Blockson
11/25/06 Deals With the Devil
11/20/06 Some Who Feel No Reason for Thanksgiving
11/19/06 The Taming of the Democrats
11/18/06 Messages to Pam Africa Birthday Party
11/15/06 Winners and Losers

The Road to Oaxaca

11/10/06 Thomas Merton Center Honors Angela Y Davis
11/4/06 John Kerry and the Politics of Wusses
11/3/06 Saddam's Sentence
10/29/06 Fear Merchants
10/25/06 Scarier Than Any Halloween
10/21/06 Ithaca Locks Conference Message
10/19/96 Iraq Echoes of Vietnam

The Vampire's Freedom

Of Radicals and Extremists


Lynne Stewart and the Law

The Wages of War

10/14/06 Block Report Interview with Mumia Abu-Jamal
10/13/06 Message to the 40th Anniversary of the Black Panther Party
10/2/06 John Brown: His Truth is Marching On

The Forgotten Revolution

Elombe Brath Message

Station IDS WOSP and Nelson BC Radio

9/29/06 The War that Won't Stop
9/24/06 With Allies Like These
9/14/06 Why There is No Iran War on the Horizon
9/9/06 Five Years Later Do you Feel Safer Yet?
9/8/06 Mumia's Message to the Power to the Peaceful Festival

Hasan Shakur: Presente

Literacy: An interview of Mumia Abu-Jamal by Catherine Murphy

9/4/06 Inheritance of Madness
8/24/06 Katrina: A Year Later
8/20/06 A Shia Spring Question Mark?
8/13/06 Kids at War with the World
8/10/06 Viva Fidel, Long Live Fidel
8/6/06 NeoCon Dreams NeoCon Nightmares

Black August

The John Brown We Don't Want to Know

8/3/06 Voting Rights Act Without the Real Right to Vote

Yogi's Time

KPOO interview featuring Gordon Kaupp, Killu Nyasha, Luis "Bato" Talamantez


Disaster After Disaster

No More War in the Middle East


Trek of the Ancestors

French Message

7/22/06 The Roots of the Problem (war in the middle east)
7/20/06 Cry Lebanon
7/16/06 The Polk Doctrine?
7/15/06 Hip Hop All Over the World
7/13/06 The President of Chaos

The Great Game

Not Welcome Mr. Bush to Germany

7/5/06 The War Against Elders (UAW & GM)
6/28/06 Saluting Flags Ignoring People
6/24/06 The Meanings of Haditha
6/21/06 Tribute to Julia Wright
6/18/06 Culture Wars at the Ebb of Empire
6/15/06 Democracy's Demise
6/11/06 When Suicide Ain't
6/8/06 Secret Imperial Prisons
6/4/06 Just in the Name of Democracy
6/2/06 The Continuing American Massacre
5/27/06 The Tragedies of Political Fear

Before Guantanamo or Abu-Ghraib was the Black Panthers

Shout Out for Norman Richmond

5/21/06 Immigration Echoes
5/15/06 Silence of the Lambs
5/14/06 Octavia E. Butler 1947-2006
5/12/06 Forty Years After the Black Panther Party
5/11/06 Steaming Mexico: Other Invasions
5/5/06 The John Brown We Don't Want to Know
5/4/06 Moussaoui: from death to slow death 
4/29/06 Finding Fault With Fema
4/23/06 SF MAJ Birthday Celebration
4/22/06 Oakland MAJ Birthday Celebration
4/21/06 French Delegation to Philadelphia
4/20/06 Fear of a Brown America

The Milwaukee Maulers

Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. w/ Mumia Abu-Jamal

4/13/06 The Road to 911: Moussaoui's Journey

GM and the Global War Against Workers

John Black Presente

4/2/06 Immigration Blues

No Place To Be Reborn: The Awakening

Block Report Interview with Immortal Technique


Message to the Grassroots Media Conference

Black Voices/Syracuse

3/25/06 Women's Herstory Month

Axis of Justice Radio Interview w/ Mumia

Hosted by Tom Morello & Serj Tankian

3/19/06 Three Years of Hype, Three Years of Hell
3/16/06 Empire of Fear
3/11/06 From Warrior to Writer: Chernoh M. Bah’s journey
3/8/06 The United States of Torture

Down With the Neo Con War in Iraq (speech to Anti war event)


3/4/06 Ongoing War Against Workers: The TWU Strike

Words of Freedom, Realities of Oppression

NLG Vermont Speech

2/26/06 Fisk's Wars in the Middle East

The Forgotten Ones: Katrina

Writings From the Other Side of the Cage

2/19/06 Juana Alicia Interviews Mumia Abu-Jamal
2/18/06 Time of Madness, Time of Whores
2/11/06 In Memory of the Minister of Defense Dr. Huey P. Newton Phd.
2/10/06 The Senate & the Circus
2/5/06 Free Leonard Peltier
2/4/06 What State? What Union?
1/27/06 So You Say You Want Democracy   iePalestinian/Middle East Elections
1/26/06 Father Paul Washington Remembered
1/22/06 Chocolate City Dreams & Vanilla Realities
1/19/06 Walls
1/13/06 Martin King's America and Ours

Dhoruba Speaks

Block Report Interview With Mumia

1/7/06 The Late Lou Rawls
1/1/06 When The Press Serves Power