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"Cracks In The Empire"

Recorded 2-20-11

1) 2:05 Cracks In The Empire Mp3

Cracks In The Empire
By Mumia Abu Jamal

Despite what talking heads and media proclaim, there hasn’t been a revolution in the North African countries of Tunisia, Egypt or the Persian Gulf’s Bahrain. These have been rebellions. For revolutions transform whole societies, they just don’t remove a few leaders. That’s why much of U.S. reporting is misleading. They want to call it a revolution, applaud it and freeze it while their handpicked leaders or purchased armies seize the reins of power.

That said, isn’t it curious that most of the countries where rebellions are most wide spread are headed by presidents or princes who are U.S. allies? And those allies have used their armies and police to suppress their people who oppose deeply unpopular policies they’ve embraced?  

These rebellions pose serious challenges to the U.S. Empire for they threaten to dismantle the repressive regimes that undergird U.S. Middle East policy. They’re still building, still emerging across the entire region, and espousing a democracy that the U.S. neither wants nor truly supports. For if the choice is between democracy and stability, it will opt for stability every time; for globalization requires stability, and globalization is the instrument of Empire. Indeed, it is but another word for colonialism, the control of other states by a central imperial state.

But this Empire is also a debtor nation that manufactures little and has to beg abroad to pay its vast army and support its global apparatus. As colonies peel away or are taken back by their people, the Empire decays, first by inches, then by feet, and soon by miles. We may be witnessing the end of something huge.

From Death Row, this is Mumia Abu Jamal.

--(c) '11 maj

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