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"Tahrir Square Part 2"

Recorded 11-27-11

Mp3 files:

1) 1:44 Tahrir Square Part 2 Mp3


Tahrir Muraba', Juz' Ithnain

(Tahrir  Square, Part Two)

[col. writ. 11/22/11 ©'11 Mumia Abu-Jamal

In February of this year, I cautioned that the Egyptian Rebellion at Tahrir Square in central Cairo, and the removal of former President, Hosni Mubarak from power, was but a beginning, not an end, for democracies cannot exist amidst military rule (See: "Egypt: A Good Beginning … ", (2/12/11).

There can be one, or the other; but not both.

That lesson is being learned today as soldiers smash into protestors with blackjacks, kicks, punches--and open fire. Several dozen Tahrir demonstrators have died in the past week.

So much for democracy.

From Mubarak's fall the military assumed the reins of power; and power can be an addictive delicacy.

Once tasted, they don't want to give it up.

They now are unleashing violence against the people they claim to represent. Violence, the State's attempt to cow the People back into submission.

What is remarkable is the silence emanating from the West; y'know, the same folks who rained fire on Libya because the late Col. Muammar el-Kaddafy threatened to kill his people. Could it be because the U.S. funds the Egyptian military, and is as content in using it against Egyptians as it was when the Saudi military put the beat-down on the protestors in Bahrain?

Egyptian blood again flows onto Tahrir Square--this time, only the leaders are different.

And a military dictatorship is trying to consolidate power right before our eyes--using the blood of its people as mortar.

(c) '11 maj



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