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"The Way Of Zinn"

Recorded 11-17-10

1) 2:03 The Way Of Zinn Mp3

The Way of Zinn
[col.writ. 11/13/10] (c) '10 Mumia Abu-Jamal

   For the late historian, Howard Zinn, one of his greatest beefs was war, especially imperial wars.
   It was therefore fitting that his last book dealt with war, war for empire and capital.  His last work, published posthumously, was The Bomb, which attacked the central rationale supporting the U.S. use of nuclear bombs on Japan -- indeed on Japanese civilians.
   Zinn, ever the social critic, examined the bombing of Japan in August of 1945 from the perspective of today's discussions about terrorism, to show America's deep hypocrisy.
  When private bands of fanatics commit atrocities we call them "terrorists", which they are, and have no trouble dismissing their reasons.  But when governments do the same, and on a much larger scale, the word "terrorism" is not used, and we consider it a sign of our democracy that the acts become a subject to debate.  If the word "terrorism" has a useful meaning (and I think  it does, because it marks off an act as intolerable, since it involves the indiscriminate use of violence against human beings for some political purpose), then it applies exactly to the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki {p.27}.
   For Zinn, all war was a violation of the most fundamental of human rights -- the right to life, dignity and social progresses.
   Zinn, if he were alive today, would be equally critical of the continuing carnage in Iraq and Afghanistan, made possible in part, then as now, by the acquiescence of what he derisively called "totalitarian liberals."
   As an historian, he knew well that wars began with lies, and ended in disaster, destruction and loss.
   [Source: Zinn, Howard, The Bomb (San Fran. City Lights Bks, 2010]
--(c) '10 maj


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